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Landscape Renovation

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." - AH

Landscape Renovation: Welcome

Skagit Landscaping LLC is devoted to delivering high-quality landscape and hardscape installation services in the Skagit Valley and surrounding counties. With expertise in landscapes, hardscapes, outdoor lighting, and more, we specialize in transforming outdoor spaces into stunning works of art. Contact us with any questions or to learn more about our comprehensive range of landscaping installations.



  •  Patio and walkway construction

  • Retaining wall design and installation

  • Fence design and construction

  • Water feature design and installation (fountains, ponds, waterfalls)

  • Fire pit or fireplace construction

  • Customized landscape lighting solutions


  • Lawn installation & turf management (sod & seeding)

  • Custom landscape design and installation

  • Plant selection and installation

  • Softscape enhancement (flower bed design, shrub and tree planting)

  • Mulching and Gravel

Landscape Renovation: Services
Landscape Renovation: Portfolio
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